Where do you ship?

USA & Canada only at this time. Free Shipping on all orders in the USA, $19 to Canada.

Do you offer refund/exchange?

Yes, money back if our products are defective within 30 days of purchase.

How long does it take to get my order?
Our high quality heatsink mods are made to order with the latest design updates. For standard orders, we generally ship within 2-4 business days of ordering. You'll receive the tracking number at that time. Shipping Times: 1-4 days to USA, 2-4 days to CANADA
Our heatsink mods will work with most GPUs built by top manufacturers. However, due to manufacturing constrains, GPUs with stock memory thermal pads of thinner than 1.0mm are not supported. Eg: certain Gigabyte 3070 variants.


What do I do with the existing thermal pads?
Please remove the VRAM ones that are being replaced by the heatsink mod. Sometimes there are smaller ones that are covering non-VRAM chips, please keep those in place.
How much thermal paste to use?
More is better in this case. Ensure there's at least a thin coat on the entire surface of the VRAM and GPU core.


My rig isn't reading the VRAM temperature.
Non flagship models like 3070 doesn't have temp sensor enabled in linux like on HiveOS. Please use Windows utilities to show sensor readings.
Temperature drop isn't optimal...
Please use a sufficient amount of HIGH QUALITY thermal paste on GPU core and VRAM. You may have to adjust the amount according to the height of the components.
Core temperature is now higher...
The heatsink mod allows the entire heatsink assembly to absorb heat more efficiently from the VRAM. Some of the heat from the VRAM may be carried to the core. This is normal as long as both core and vram are operating within normal specifications.